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Tatjana Schneider is a researcher, writer and educator based at the School of Architecture in Sheffield, UK.
She studied in Germany and Scotland before gaining a PhD from Strathclyde University, Glasgow, and has taught at schools of architecture in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, across Scandinavia, India and China and has held a Professorship at Hafencity University Hamburg in 2014/15.
In 1999 she co-founded the workers-cooperative ‘Glasgow Letters on Architecture and Space’ (G.L.A.S.) which – through design activity, graphic works and writings – questioned & suggested alternatives to the dominant production of space; and, in 2007, was co-founder of the research centre ‘Agency’ at the School of Architecture, The University of Sheffield.
She is the (co)author of ‘Spatial Agency. Other Ways of Doing Architecture’ (Routledge: 2011), Flexible Housing (Architectural Press: 2007), ‘A Right to Build’ (2011), (co)editor of ‘Agency. Working with Uncertain Architectures’ (2009) and the journal glaspaper (2001-2007). She has lectured widely on the changing role of architects and architecture in contemporary society, (architectural) pedagogy and spatial agency.
Her current work includes a project on innovative housing policies and programmes in Germany and Switzerland; a research and teaching exchange programme between universities in China, India, South Africa and the UK which investigates the challenges for design education in the context of wider global challenges; and, a trans-European cooperation on the development of transformative urban strategies in the context of austerity policies and public sector funding cuts.


Carlos Hernández Correa is a Colombian architect, urban designer and educator based at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá in Colombia (PUJ). He has over 30 years of experience in both practice and academia and completed numerous award-winning projects. He studied at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá then started his professional life co-founding Taller de la Ciudad and later moved on to be a partner of EHM (Esguerra, Hernandez, Mazzanti). With these practices he developed a wide range of projects and masterplans of national recognition, including Barranquilla Customs building (Winner of the Colombia Biennale 1994), Central Bavaria Park (Winner of the Colombian Biennale 1996), Bogotá Pedestrian Bridges (Winner of Lápiz de Acero, 2002) and Tercer Milenio Park (Colombian Biennale 2008).
During his 30 years in academia, he has been Professor of Architecture of Universidad de los Andes for 12 years, from 1986. Since 1996 he has been the Director of the International Student Program (PEI) and a Professor of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at PUJ. He has been invited as a visiting professor of architecture and participated in workshops and seminars all over the world including the Pratt Institute in New York, Architecture Institute of Venecia IUAV, International School of Architecture of Catalunya, University of Buenos Aires, Catholic University of Chile and the School of Architecture in Mendrisio. Current areas of research activity include the use of public space in vulnerable communities; urban planning; and energy conservation.
Carlos founded the PEI program in order to connect international and interdisciplinary efforts in the production of new knowledge. Searching for imaginative solutions to the multiple social, economic, political and environmental issues generated by the way the territories and cities are occupied by contemporary society. PEI’s methodology is based on the dynamics of ‘collective intelligence’; connecting knowledge of different people through workshops that aim to develop specific proposals to local issues. The concept is that small scale interventions can generate large impact. PEI projects have been awarded national and international recognition such as the ‘Palomino Society Under Construction’ which was awarded the Colombian Biennale of Architecture and Urban Design Prize in 2012 and also the Latin American Architecture Biennale in Cadiz 2012.

PEI International Student Program