Tatjana Schneider is a researcher, writer and educator based at the School of Architecture in Sheffield, UK.
She studied in Germany and Scotland before gaining a PhD from Strathclyde University, Glasgow, and has taught at schools of architecture in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, across Scandinavia, India and China and has held a Professorship at Hafencity University Hamburg in 2014/15.
In 1999 she co-founded the workers-cooperative ‘Glasgow Letters on Architecture and Space’ (G.L.A.S.) which – through design activity, graphic works and writings – questioned & suggested alternatives to the dominant production of space; and, in 2007, was co-founder of the research centre ‘Agency’ at the School of Architecture, The University of Sheffield.
She is the (co)author of ‘Spatial Agency. Other Ways of Doing Architecture’ (Routledge: 2011), Flexible Housing (Architectural Press: 2007), ‘A Right to Build’ (2011), (co)editor of ‘Agency. Working with Uncertain Architectures’ (2009) and the journal glaspaper (2001-2007). She has lectured widely on the changing role of architects and architecture in contemporary society, (architectural) pedagogy and spatial agency.
Her current work includes a project on innovative housing policies and programmes in Germany and Switzerland; a research and teaching exchange programme between universities in China, India, South Africa and the UK which investigates the challenges for design education in the context of wider global challenges; and, a trans-European cooperation on the development of transformative urban strategies in the context of austerity policies and public sector funding cuts.

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